Item Mall Update (20th June – 27th June)

[Limited] EXP-S Combo Box
[Limited] Skill Point-S Combo Box
[Limited] Skill EXP-S Combo Box

(20th June – 26th June)

300% Booster Bonanza!!
*Only at selected times*
9am – 12pm
3pm – 6pm
9pm – 12am

*Stay tuned for more info! ;)!*

Just for your info
1. Scarlet stone is power up weapon & armor with fuse skill
2. After fuse, weapon & armor become non-tradable.
3. Unable to be robbed by others during PVP mode
– but can be broken when player with karma been killed by others.
4. IMPORTANT note: After weapon & armor fuse with scarlet stone,
it will not be able to become a 2nd material during fusing weapon & amor
5. Non-tradable weapon & amor only can use scarlet stone to fuse it.