1. In order to enjoy Getbats rebate, please go to to register a CiBMall account or direct login if you already have an account.
  2. After login, please click on “Rebates” button. Then you will redirect to the rebates page.
  3. Click on Online Store to search for the online store that you would like to purchase from. You can check the rebate rate in each store here too.
  4. Click on the store you want, for example Shopee. Then you will redirect to Shopee unique page. Click “Shop Now” to continue and you will redirect to Shopee official page. Shop for your favorite items and pay as usual.
  5. After complete the payment, please go back to Getbats rebate page to check your rebate status. You can check it under shopping activity. Rebate normally will revert within 1- 3 days.