DROP EVENT (28th March – 11th April)

[Box of Fool] : Hunt monsters to obtain [Box of Fool]

[Box of Fool] requires a [Key of Fool] to open.

Players can buy [Key of Fool] with 500,000 Gold from the potion-seller NPC in Lan Chow, or with 7MB in the Cash Shop.

Fuse the [Box of Fool] with [Key of Fool] to get a [Box of Fool(Unlocked)]

Fuse the [Box of Fool] with [Real KeyII] to get a [Real BoxII (Unlocked)]
“Where do we get the Real Key II?”
See below!

* [Real keyⅡ] can be combined with [Box of Fool (Locked)] as a material, or can be combined to [Lucky Egg+6] as a base item.

NEW CASH ITEM (28th March – 11th April)

[Strange Lucky Box II] : 340 MX Cash Points
[Strange Lucky Box II] x10 : 3300 MX Cash Points

[Anonymous Kasa (3hrs/Event)] : 475 MB
Equip to hide your identity, players will not be able to see your IGN and identify you





Voila! No ign can be seen, you will remain anonymous.









The items listed below will be deleted on the 25th of April
Box of Fool (Locked)
Box of Fool (Unlocked)
Key of Fool
Frozen EXP Pills (3hrs)
Frozen Skill Point Pills (3hrs)
Frozen Skill EXP Pills (3hrs)
Red Mooncake
Blue Mooncake
Yellow Mooncake
Golden Mooncake