25th Mar 2021(14:00) – 8th Apr 2021(10:00)

  1. New items will be updated into the item mall

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25th Mar 2021(14:00) – 8th Apr 2021(10:00)

  1. During event period hunt monsters within your level range to gain[Box of Fool (Locked)]
  2. Fuse [Box of Fool (Locked)] with [Key Of Fool] to get [Box of Fool(Unlocked)]
  3. Fuse [Box of Fool (Locked)] with [Real KeyⅢ] to get [Real BoxⅢ (Unlocked)]
  4. [Real BoxⅢ (Unlocked)] Costumes
  5. Players can buy [Key Of Fool] with 500,000 gold from the potion-seller NPC in Lan Chow, or with 7MB in the Cash Shop.
  6. [Real KeyIII] can be obtained at [Strange Lucky Box III] sold at item mall.


  1. The below event items will be removed at 4/22 Maintenance:
    Box of Fool (Locked)
    Box of Fool (Unlocked)
    Key of Fool
    Frozen EXP Pills (3hrs)
    Frozen Skill Point Pills (3hrs)
    Frozen Skill EXP Pills (3hrs)
    Red Mooncake
    Blue Mooncake
    Yellow Mooncake
    Golden Mooncake