Labor Day Hunting Event [25th April – 2nd May]

  1. Hunting monsters around your level range will drop the following items
    Seed of Sun, Uruk Soil, Great Water.
  2. Use the (x1)Seed of Sun as a the main material, (x1)Uruk Soil, (x2)Great Water and 300k Gold to fuse into a Tree of Hope
  3. Seed of Sun, Uruk Soil, Great Water, Tree of Hope and all items obtainable from Tree of Hope will be deleted on the 23rd of May.

Item Mall Update

  1. Labor Lucky Box II
  2. Talisman Sales
    Item Name (EN) Qty
    [High Grade] EXP Talisman (3 Days) 1
    [High Grade] Skill Point Talisman (3 Days) 1
    [High Grade] Skill EXP Talisman (3 Days) 1


Fixed a Guild Tournament issue and have compensated the rewards to all members of the winning Guild, excluding students. Rewards have already been sent for both servers

REMOVED this patch

Box of Fool(Locked), Box of Fool (Unlocked), Key of Fool, Frozen EXP Pills (3hrs), Frozen Skill Point Pills (3hrs), Frozen Skill EXP Pills (3hrs), Red Mooncake, Blue Mooncake, Yellow Mooncake, Golden Mooncake, Anonymous Kasa(3hrs/Event), Blue Pumpkin, Yellow Pumpkin