To ensure stable game content and improve server quality, maintenance will be conducted this week from
10:00 to 14:00 on October 26, 2023

  1. Item mall 「Limited Sales」 Updates
  2. Halloween Festival Celebration < Hunting Event >
    Period : After maintenance ~ 9th November 2023 maintenance
    During event period, monster will drop Pumpkin.
    By using the Pumpkin, you will receive one of the following rewards or summon monster <Capt. Pumpkin>.
    You can fuse Red, Blue or yellow pumpkin into below item.
    Capt. Pumpkin will drop one of  following items.
  3. Halloween Festival Celebration < Public Codes>
    Please follow our fan page for the codes !
    CLICK HERE to reach us now !
  4. Halloween Festival Celebration < Login Event >
    Period : 26th October 2023 ~ 31st October 2023
    During event period, login into the game or stay online at 20:00 ~ 23:59 to receive rewards !
  5. The below event items will be removed at 23rd November 2023 maintenance.
    Red Pumpkin
    Blue Pumpkin
    Yellow Pumpkin
    [Halloween] Dark Pumpkin (1hr)
    [Halloween] Color Pumpkin (1hr)
    [Halloween] Red Pumpkin Ⅱ (3hrs)
    [Halloween] Blue Pumpkin Ⅱ (3hrs)
    [Halloween] Green Pumpkin Ⅱ (3hrs)
    [Halloween] Evil Horn (6hrs)
    Happy Halloween Title(30 Days)
    Halloween Wing Costume Box
    Devil Wing (15 Days)
    Angel Wing (15 Days)