2022 Anime Fest Event

CiBmall MoSiang will be participating in Anime Fest from 12th May 2022 to 16th May 2022 !!
All player who come to the event will get free ice cream, popcorn & have chance to win other event gifts ~~
Player also can buy @point on the event to get a limited reward package ! Quantities are limited , First come First Server !!

  1. On ground purchase 100@point card(RM106) will get Lucky Egg II +9 (Pack)*1
  2. On ground purchase 300@point card(RM318) will get Lucky Egg II +10 (Pack)*1 & Golden Lion Head (Highest Grade)(30 Days)*1

  3. On ground purchase 500@point card(RM530) will get Lucky Egg II +11 (Pack)*1 & Golden Lion Head (Highest Grade)(30 Days)*1

  4. Anime Fest Event Date:12th May 2022 ~ 16th May 2022 (10am – 10pm)
  5. Location: Paradigm Mall@Petaling Jaya – UG Floor
  6. T&C:
    – Each account only can receive one of the event rewards only.
    Example:XiangXiang purchase and redeem 100@point cash point package, she unable to redeem 300/500 @point cash reward in the same account.
    – Player must use the official prepared computer to reload at the venue to receive the reward package [For safety we recommend player change their new password as soon as possible when get home]
    – Player needs to prepare the following account information to receive the reward package after purchasing @point cash point.
    :Game Account:
    :Character Name:
    :Phone Number:
    :Email Contact Address:
    :Reward Package (100/300/500)
    *If you want to purchase multiple, be sure to prepare the information of each account.
    – Package quantities are limited & first come first serve
    – There will no game administrator at the exhibition site, please don’t believe any people are the in-game administrators
    – The package will be distributed to the account during maintenance after the event ends.
    – Price inclusive 6% Service Tax collected on behalf of the Government of Malaysia in accordance to Service Tax Act 2018
    – Each player only limit purchase 6 set package only
    – CiBmall MoSiang reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations without prior notice