20th Aug 2020(14:00) – 27th Aug 2020(10:00)

1. New items will be updated into the item mall

Booster Event(All Server)
21st Aug 2020 (17:00) – 26th Aug 2020(10:00)

  1. During the event period will have 150% booster for all player to enjoy this Chinese      Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s Reload & Spending Event
20th Aug 2020(00:00) – 27th Aug 2020(10:00)

Event Rewards
Reload Event:

Spending Event:

1. Accumulate reload & spending of CASH (YB) to get either 1 of the tier list as a reward.
( example – If player reload 30,000 Cash and spend 25,000 Cash, player will receive tier 4 reload reward and tier 3 spending reward ONLY )
2. Each account can redeem 1 reload reward and 1 spending reward only
3. Reward will be sent after the event period to the warehouse of the last server you logged in to.
4. For any questions or clarifications, do PM our FB page and our customer support will gladly assist you!
5. Reload and spending rewards will be sent to the server that was last logged into before the server maintenance begins

Reload & Spending Period:20th Aug 2020(00:00) – 27th Aug 2020(10:00)