1. The below event items will be removed on this maintenance
    [Event] 500% Skill EXP Talisman (7 Days)
    [Event] 700% Skill EXP Talisman (15 Days)
    [Merge]We Missed You Pack
    We Missed You Hat(30D/Event)
    We Missed You Clothes(30D/Event)
    [Merge]We Missed You Login Pack(D1)
    [Merge]We Missed You Login Pack(D2)
    [Merge]We Missed You Login Pack(D3)
    [Merge]We Missed You Login Pack(D4)
    [Merge]We Missed You Login Pack(D5)
    [Merge]We Missed You Login Pack(D6)
    [Merge]We Missed You Login Pack(D7)
    [Merge]We Missed You Login Pack(D8)
    [Event]Carnival Weapon Box
    [Event]Pet Random Box (1 Star)
    [Event]Pet Accessories Combo Box
    [Event]Carnival Weapon(Sword/15 Days)
    [Event]Carnival Weapon(Fist/15 Days)
    [Event]Carnival Weapon(Katana/15 Days)
    [Event]Carnival Weapon(Spear/15 Days)
    [Event]Carnival Weapon(Bow/15 Days)
    [Event]Carnival Weapon(Dart/15 Days)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Pack(Lv.50)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Pack(Lv.60)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Pack(Lv.70)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Pack(Lv.80)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Pack(Lv.90)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Login Pack(D1)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Login Pack(D2)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Login Pack(D3)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Login Pack(D4)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Login Pack(D5)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Login Pack(D6)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Login Pack(D7)
    [Merge]Thank You Veterans Login Pack(D8)
    New User Support Pack
    New User Support Pack(Lv.50)
    New User Support Pack(Lv.55)
    New User Support Pack(Lv.60)
    New User Support Pack(Lv.65)
    New User Support Pack(Lv.70)
    [Merge]Welcome Newbies Login Pack(D1)
    [Merge]Welcome Newbies Login Pack(D2)
    [Merge]Welcome Newbies Login Pack(D3)
    [Merge]Welcome Newbies Login Pack(D4)
    [Merge]Welcome Newbies Login Pack(D5)
    [Merge]Welcome Newbies Login Pack(D6)
    [Merge]Welcome Newbies Login Pack(D7)
    [Merge]Welcome Newbies Login Pack(D8)
    We Missed You(30D/Event)
    Thank You Veterans(15D/Event)
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