Father’s Day Login Event[21st June]

  1. Login game at 21st June and wait until 20:00 to receive Father’s Days Lovely Box


  • Father’s Day Pack will be remove at 2nd July 2020 seal or not seal will be removed on the date
  • Player need to login to game before 19:59(even login on 20:00 will not get any reward) Because system will auto send gift pack to all player at 20:00.

Dragon Boat Dumpling Festival Hunting Event [18th June – 2nd July]

  1. Hunt monsters within your level range to obtain [Dumpling]
  2. Use Dumpling to randomly obtain [Red Dumpling], [Green Dumping], [Blue Dumpling]

  3. Craft [Dumpling] into [Tasty Dumpling]
  4.    Use [Tasty Dumpling] to randomly obtain [Tasty Green Dumpling], [Tasty Red Dumpling] or [Taste Blue Dumpling]

  5. All Dumpling event items will be removed on the 16th of July

ITEM MALL UPDATE[18th June – 2nd July]

  1. New items will be updated into the item mall