Accumulative Daily Log in (17th oct,2pm – 24th nov, 10am)

1. Limited to once per account
2. When player miss a day log in, player can log in the following day to regain that reward
(e.g) Player log in on Day 1, 3 and 5 : Player will only receive until day 3 reward because he has completed 3 days log in”
3. Reward will send to warehouse upon log in

Item Name QTY
Day 1 1000 MB Coupon (Event) 1
Day 2 Purify Holy Water 10 (Event) 1
Day 3 [Event] Training Pack 1
Day 4 100k Skill Point Box 1
Day 5 Scarlet Stone+8 (Pack) 1


ITEM MALL UPDATE (17th oct,2pm – 24th nov, 10am)


PK Talisman Box (Physical)
PK Talisman Box (Elemental)
EP Stone Box : (10EA.) (limited to purchase 5 times)
[Limited] Enhance Stat Boost Combo