16th Dec. 2021(14:00) – 30th Dec. 2021(10:00)

  1. New items will be updated into the item mall


  1. NEW title will be updated on this week maintenance
  2. Use [Gold Powder] to fuse [Starry Stone]
  3. Use [Starry Stone] to fuse [Warrior I]

  4. Title Fuse Material:
  5. Title Stat


  1. NEW 6 star pet will be updated on this week maintenance
  2. 6 Star pet stat:
    *Right-click open image in new tab to enlarge the image


  1. The existing [Old Key Dungeon] is renamed and cannot be used for dungeon entry.(Unused [Key Dungeon] will be changed to [10K Gold Pack] when checked on 16th Dec.)
  2. A new [Key Dungeon] will be dropped, which can only hold up to five keys.
    (If the “two times the item” effect is applied among the pet capabilities, you may have six.)
  3. The item drop list of the filed boss below has been changed
    – Scarlet Batiger
    – Infernal Golem
    – Lust Rhinohound
    – Blizzard Turtle
    – Capt Vamp Soul
    – Giant Eater
    – Blue Troll
    – Legendary Monk
    – Doom Ape
    – Destroyer Witch
    – Giant Minotaur
    – Blizzard Turtle(Elite)
  4. The item drop list of the last boss of each dungeon has been changed
  5. The drop list of [The Great Minotaur] and [Red Dragon] boss compensation boxes has been changed.
  6. Some quest NPCs’ marks (exclamation marks, question marks) have been fixed.