Spectator Mode

  • Players who did not join the Siege War are able to spectate the on going Siege War.  However, spectators will not be able chat or communicate.
  • When spectators join the Siege War, their character will not be shown.

Siege War Tax

  • Tax System
  • You are able to adjust the tax rate from the Office NPC in Lo Yang
  • The Leader of the City Defender gets to decide the tax rate, adjustable from 0%-5%
  • All items purchased from NPC shops will be charged a certain amount of tax, the tax money will be stored in the Siege War warehouse.
  • Once you have adjusted the tax rate, it will only be adjustable in the next 24 hours.
  • During a Siege War, tax rates cannot be adjusted.
  • Earnings from tax can be claimed from every towns warehouse NPC or the Castle Admin in Lo Yang
  • Only the leader can claim the tax money
  • The amount of tax paid in the NPC shops will be displayed
  • You are able to confirm the tax price included by looking at the item description
  • While selling items to NPC shops, Gold obtained – Tax
  • While purchasing items from NPC shops, original price + Tax
  • Scroll Shop Tax
  • When monsters nearby the town are killed, 5 gold will be given to the City Leader.
  • The amount of Gold accumulated will be sent to the Siege War Warehouse every 10 minutes.

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