– There are 4 different types of orbs : Blue Dragon , Red Dragon , White Dragon & Yellow Dragon
– Each player can wear 4 types of orbs at the same time
– The orb class is divided into Normal → Real → Soul → Divine
– Each orb tier is divided into 10 stage (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ, Ⅵ, Ⅶ, Ⅷ, Ⅸ, Ⅹ)
– Character must be Decent stage / Devilic stage to wear the orb
– The effect will also increase with the upgrade of the orb level

How To Obtain Orb

– Fuse Dragon stone to obtain the first stage of orb

– Monster level40 or above will drop Dragon Stone Sculpture.
– Fuse Dragon Stone Sculpture to get Dragon Stone.
– Dungeon Boss and field boss will also drop Dragon Stone Sculpture.

Orb Advance Stone

– Player join Tower Of Honor every night to receive Orb Advance Stone Sculpture.
– Fuse Orb Advance Stone Sculpture to get Orb Advance Stone.
– Player can disassemble extra Orb Advance Stone into Dragon Orb too.

– No matter win, lose or tie for T.O.H result , it will not effected to the Orb Advance Stone Sculpture reward.
– ALL T.O.H level paid same count of Orb Advance Stone Sculpture rewards.
– Player MUST join until the T.O.H. rounds end to receive Orb Advance Stone Sculpture rewards.

Orb’s Abilities

– Different Orb provide different abilities.
– Blue Dragon Orb strengthen your current Gem Enhance stat.
– Red Dragon Orb strengthen your current Bless stat.
– White Dragon Orb strengthen your learned Passive skill power.
– Yellow Dragon Orb strengthen your summoned Pet stat.

Dragon’s Blessing

– When you get the Dragon Orb for the first time, you will be blessed by the dragon and get 2 additional blessing stat.
– You can reset the stat by  “Dragon’s Blessing Stone”
– You can have it through Item Mall – Fuse|Enhance – ​​Third Page
– Normal grade Dragon Orb will only be given 2 Dragon Blessing stats.
– Real grade Dragon Orb will only be given 3 kinds of Dragon Blessing stats.
– Soul grade Dragon Orb will only be given 4 kinds of dragon blessing stats.
– Divine grade Dragon Orb will only be given 5 Dragon Blessing stats.

Dragon’s Blessing Preview

Fixed Dragon Blessing

– Dragon blessing fixed function can only be use real & above orb
– You can only fix 2 stats when your Orb reach Soul Level or above.
– Dragon blessing fixed ticket can be purchase from item mall

Hide/Show Orb Effect

You can choose to Hide or Show the Orb Effect.

Orb Materials

Divine Dragon Orb Effect