Ther are 50 levels inside the TOH, with each level holding a max. of 50 players.

Inside the TOH, players will see their own names in a light green colour, players in the same party as white, and other teams or players as red, targeting a player or monster will higlight their name in yellow.

Date : Daily ( Except Sunday)
Time :21:30 – 21:50 ( Each round lasts for 20 min)

1. A pop up will prompt you confirm if you’d wish to join. The countdown timer before TOH begins will show. (You will be unable to join from special maps such as Guild tournament map, siege city, guild and from the inside of a dungeon )

2. After you join, you may read the rules of TOH here. (You will have to wait for the countdown to end before you are able to start, you will be unable to join once the TOH has started )

3. You may view the remaining time at the top corner until the TOH ends.

4. Kill the monster with a key icon above his head and you will gain access to proceed to the next level.

5. After killing the floor boss, you may view the Top 10 ranking board of the current level.

[TOH rules]

  1. At the end of each match, the top player with the key above their head will be able to proceed to the next level the following day.
  2. If you do not have a key above your head, but you have killed atleast 1 player during that match, you will be able to maintain on that current level the following day.
  3. If you have failed to be the top player with the key OR did not kill atleast 1 player during that match, you will be demoted by 1 level the following day.

[TOH ranking and fame calculation]

  1. The old version of earning fame has been removed, the new version is binded with the TOH
  2. New fame system : Fame = Player’s highest achieved TOH level multiplied by 100 + Character level
  3. Fame Ranking will refresh once daily
  4. Players with the same Fame Rank will be ranked based on the player with the higher level, if both the player’s level are the same, it will then be based on who has more EXP.