1. Siege War

  • Siege Wars will be held in between Saturdays and Sundays
  • Siege War will be held once every two weeks.

2. Siege War Announcement

  • From Monday to Tuesday, the leader for City Defenders will get to set the Siege War date and time through the Officer NPC in Lo Yang. If there are no defenders that own the city, the first Siege War will commence at 8 PM on Sunday.

3. Participating in Siege War

  • Every Wednesday to Friday, teams who want to join the Siege War can look for the Officer NPC in Lo Yang and apply
  • Every Wednesday to Friday, City Defense Leader will choose to accept challenges
  • Every Wednesday to Friday, City Defense Leaders will need to pay a fee to strengthen the City Gates

4. Entering the Siege War Area

  • When it is time to Siege War, you may request entry into the Siege War Area by talking to the Office NPC in Lo Yang.

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