Siege War Description

1. Ways to conquer the City

  • Successfully mark the symbol in the middle of the city to conquer the city.  Players marking the symbol requires a channeling time of 30 seconds.

  • Marking: Left your mark by marking the symbol in the middle of the city.  While marking, players are unable to perform any other action for 30 seconds(Except using potions).  If the player who is marking does not die in 30 seconds, then the marking will be completed and the Siege War will end.

2. Identifying Allies and Enemies during Siege War

  • During the Siege War, players who are in the same faction as you will have a yellow color background

  • Another party that is attacking the city with you, their members will have a green background

  • City Defenders and the enemy will have a red background

  • If players use the Limit Break skill, all characters with red background will be able to be attacked (including allies)

3. Alliance in the Siege War

  • Parties who are in alliance with the City Defenders cannot apply for Siege War.
  • During the Siege War, when the Defenders lose, everyone in alliance with the defenders will automatically turn into attackers.
  • During the Siege War, when the Attackers successfully conquer the city, all allies will automatically turn into City Defenders.

4. Limit Break System

  • The Limit Break skill is a special skill used during Siege War
  • Once Defenders uses Limit Break, all defenders will not be able to attack each other
  • Once Attackers uses Limit Break, all attackers will be able to attack each other
  • Limit Break skill can be placed in the Quick Slot for easier access
  • Limit Break skill has no delay
  • Limit Break skill can only be used in the Siege War area
  • PK and killing another person during Limit Break will not increase your evil points
  • After using Limit Break, unable to attack alliance or guild members

5. Red Mode

  • Unable to use Red Mode during Siege Mode
  • Defenders are unable to attack fellow Defenders
  • Defenders and Attackers are able to attack each other freely
  • Attackers and Attackers cannot attack each other, however they can by using the Limit Break Skill

6. Death in Siege Mode

  • When a player dies in Siege Mode,  they cannot revive on the spot.  They will re-spawn at their starting point spawn area.

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