General Info of Server Merge

  1. Merge Date: 23rd February 2023
  2. Medusa and Cetus will be merged into 1 server
  3. Both Chinese and English Language will remain in the server

Game Character Rules

  1. The system will auto select which character to be kept in the merged server
  2. Only 5 characters will remain in the new server based on the priority rules
  3. If you have many existing characters across both servers, it is advised to carefully plan out which character you wish to keep, either by following priority rules or deleting characters you no longer want
  4. We will not bear any responsibility in the event that a player failed to prioritize which character they wish to keep
  5. Priority Rules to keep characters(the below list goes from highest priority to lowest)
    – Guild Master – Characters that are the guild masters will be the highest priority
    – Guild Member – Characters that are members of a guild will follow as the second
    – Higher Ability Level Character – Characters with the higher ability will follow as the third
    – Higher Ability exp character – Characters with higher ability experience will follow as the fourth
    – Last login Character – The character that has last recently logged in will follow as the fifth priority
  6. The items and gold/money in these 5 items will remain in the merged server, all other items in other deleted characters will be removed.

Character Name Rules

  1. Character names that are exactly the same on both servers will be renamed in the following way
    Example Same Character Name:
    CN: 小魔鬼
    EN: HappyDevil
    After merge both characters will be renamed as follows
    CN: 小魔鬼#1  and 小魔鬼#2
    EN: HappyDevil#1 and HappyDevil#2
  2. Maximum of 16 letters for English language and maximum of 8 letters for Chinese language. Character exceeding the letter limit will be renamed in the following way
    Example Same Character Name:
    CN: 壹贰叁肆伍陆柒捌
    EN: VeryVeryLongName
    After merge both character names will be as follows due to the letter limit being exceeded
    CN: 壹贰叁肆伍陆#1 and 壹贰叁肆伍陆#2
    EN: VeryVeryLongNa#1 and VeryVeryLongNa#2
  3. Characters will receive a FREE Rename Scroll(Non Tradable) in their warehouse.

Inventory Rules

  1. Warehouse page will follow by [Medusa] + [Cetus] same account count extends warehouse scroll, Maximum warehouse extend scroll will count 3 pages.
  2. In-game Gold/Money max cap is based on the number of opened warehouse pages is as follows
    1 page – 10,000,000
    2 pages – 50,000,000
    3 pages – 500,000,000
    4 pages – 1,000,000,000
    5 pages – 4,000,000,000
  3. All Gold/Money from both servers will be totalled together
  4. Any total Gold/Money total exceeding 40bil will be deleted
  5. Maximum numbers of warehouse pages after the merge is 5 pages
  6. Items in the warehouse will be merged together however items exceeding the limit will be removed completely. Priority will start with Medusa then Cetus (please ensure to properly keep the items you want).
  7. Example:
    [Medusa Inventory]
    [Cetus Inventory]
    After Merge
  8. Siege war & Fortress War inventory will be removed all


  1. All guilds will remain
  2. After the merge, if there are guilds with the same guild name, will priority keep s1 & s2 will be renamed.
  3. Example:
    Guild Name: BIGGBOSS
    After Merge:
    Medusa : BIGGBOSS
    Cetus : BIGGBOSS(S2)
  4. After merge server, the guilds that have been renamed may contact us to inquire about the rename of their guild.




Shop Item

  1. All Yuan Bao and MOBI points will remain
  2. All cash items will remain