White Day Updates

Item Drop Event (14th March – 28th March)

[New Item] Glass Sugar Bottle – Hunt monsters within your level range and collect , open Glass Sugar Bottle to randomly obtain either Sugar Block, Lollipop, Candy Cane or Colourful Lollipop – Fuse Colourful Lollipop into Ancient Stone or Evo Stone
IMPORTANT! All White Day Event Items ( Glass Sugar Bottle, Sugar Block, Lollipop, Candy Cane and Colourful Lollipop ) will be deleted on the 11th of April

Limited Sales Event (14th March – 28th March)

White Valentine’s Candy – 340 Cash
White Valentine’s Candy(10ea) – 3,300 Cash
  • Open White Valentine’s Candy to randomly obtain W,H,I,T,E,D,A,Y, Phoenix Feather or Candy Hat (Highest Grade)(30 days)(Box)
  • Use D to obtain EXP Rice Cake (100%)(1hr)
  • Use A to obtain Skill Point Rice Cake (100%)(1hr)
  • Use Y to obtain Skill EXP Rice Cake (300%)(1hr)
  • Use Candy Hat (Highest Grade)(30 days)(Box) to obtain Candy Hate(Highest Grade)(3o days)

  • Craft W,H,I,T,E,D,A,Y, into Ancient Stone and Evo Gems

Bug Fixes

  • Guild Tournament crash issue has been resolved.
  • Discovered and fixed some minor translation errors.

System Adjustments

Players have been abusing the fame system and we wish to make this a fair gaming environment for all so we have made some adjustments to the Fame system. Kindly note that these adjustments are still in testing phase and we would love to hear your feedback during the testing phase.
  • Based on character level + TOH level *e.g Character level 70 + TOH level 10 = 1070 Fame
  • PVP Game Maximum of 500 fame can be earned daily No limit when losing fame Applicable only in CH 1 during Blood Storm Refreshes daily at 00:12 hrs If no player joins the Blood Storm – Fame will not change If a player gains fame that day, upon daily reset, your fame will be deducted by 50 If a player loses fame that day, upon daily reset, your fame will be increased by 50 Reason : To prevent players from abusing and bullying other players.
  • Total Fame = Normal fame + PVP fame