26th Nov 2020(14:00) – 10th Dec 2020(10:00) 

  1. New items will be updated into the item mall

26th Nov 2020(14:00) – 10th Dec 2020(10:00) 

  1. During event period hunt monsters within your level range to gain[Thanksgiving Eggs]
  2. Open[Thanksgiving Eggs]for a random chance to obtain[Red Egg],[Blue Egg],[Yellow Egg],[Golden Egg] or spawn [Mok]

  3. Kill [Mok] for a chance to obtain [Cooked Turkey (3hrs)], [Roast turkey (3hrs)],  [Garlic Turkey (3hrs)] or[Mysterious Eggs]

  4. Fuse [Mysterious Eggs] + [Red Egg]x2 + [Blue Egg]x2 + [Yellow Egg]x2 + [Golden Egg]x2 + 500,000 gold to obtain [Ancient Stone+2]
  5. Fuse [Mysterious Eggs] + [Red Egg]x8 + [Blue Egg]x8 + [Yellow Egg]x8 + [Golden Egg]x8 + 3,000,000 gold to obtain [Lucky Egg+4]
  6. The below event items will be removed at 24/12/2020 maintenance:
    Thanksgiving Eggs
    Mysterious Eggs
    Cooked Turkey(3hrs)
    Roast Turkey(3hrs)
    Garlic Turkey(3hrs)