24th Sept 2020(14:00) – 8th Oct 2020(10:00)

  1. Open to randomly obtain one of the following items

Mid-Autumn Festival Hunting Event
24th Sept 2020(14:00) – 8th Oct 2020(10:00)

  1. Hunt monsters within your level range with a chance to drop [Moon] Rabbit Box
  2. Open [Moon] Rabbit Box with a chance to obtain [Moon] Mooncake (x10) or spawn either a Jade Rabbit or Lucky Rabbit
    [Lucky Rabbit]
    [Jade Rabbit]
  3. Jade Rabbit will randomly drop [Moon] Absurd Hammer or [Golden Mooncake]
  4. Lucky Rabbit will randomly drop weapon skins or [Golden Mooncake]
  5. Use Mooncake to fuse into either a Red, Blue or Yellow Mooncake

  6. Fuse Red, Blue and yellow mooncake in order to get Golden Mooncake
  7. Attacking players with [Moon] Absurd Hammer will turn their face into a mooncake
  8. Obtain a buff after changing face (Exp/Abil/Skill points +30%, Damage +10% for 3 hrs)
  9. All event items will be removed on 22 October 2020