Anniversary Item Mall Update(16th July – 30th July)

1. Purchase [Event] Plain Slice of Cake from the item mall to obtain [Event] Slice of Cheese Cake, [Event] Slice of Strawberry Cake or [Event] Slice of Chocolate Cake

Purchase Contest(16th July – 30th July)

1. During the event period, based on player’s purchase amount of [Limited] 4th Anniversary Lucky Box in item mall.
2. Top 3 player who purchase the most [Limited] 4th Anniversary Lucky Box will get the reward below:

Anniversary Hunting Event (16th July – 30th July)

  1. Hunt monsters within your level range during the event period to gain[Event]Cheese,[Event]Strawberry,[Event]Chocolate

The following event items will be removed on 03/09/2020:
– [Event]Cheese
– [Event]Strawberry
– [Event]Chocolate

Anniversary Login Gift Pack(16th July – 30th July)

  1. During the event period,when player login game will get “4th Anniversary Celebration Box” as a giftpack.
  2. Giftpack Only able to redeem ONCE per account.
  3. Giftpack will send to cash warehouse and it will send to player 1st login server after maintenance

The following event items will be removed on 03/09/2020:
– [Event] MoSiang 4th Anniv. Celebration Box
– [Limited] 4th Anniv. Cloth (M/15 Days)
– [Limited] 4th Anniv. Cloth (F/15 Days)

Stay Online Reward(16th July – 30th July)

1.During event period, player stay online with specified hours, able to get specified gift as reward.

The following event items will be removed on 03/09/2020:
-[New] Stay Online Gift Pack I
-[New] Stay Online Gift Pack II
-[New] Stay Online Gift Pack III
-[New] Stay Online Gift Pack IV

Booster Event(16th July(14:00) – 30th July(10:00)

Game Update

First Update: Remove pet stamina and feeding system

After update pets stamina is deleted and pets no longer need feeding.
In the pet UI, the stamina gauge is changed to an intimacy gauge.
Players that owned the pet food now is not in use anymore , players can sell to the NPC or discard it away.

1. Trainer NPC does not sell food anymore.
2. If player died in-game and pet didn’t wear “Protection Necklace” it will decrease 10% of intimacy
3.”Hunger Earring” in the item mall will be removed during the next maintenance. Player is not required to purchase this item

Second Update: Blacklist System

The existing friend (F) window is changed to the “Friends/Blacklist” window.
The character’s chat and shout added to the blacklist will not be visible.
Player can add character to blacklist through the menu that appears when you right-click on the chat content in the chat window