(16th May – 20th June)
It’s a super HOT and AWESOME SUMMER!
Do you know why? Say Hello to summer because we’re having a special Lucky Draw especially for our awesome players!

We have some awesome events :-

  1. Summer Registration Gift Pack (REGISTER HERE)
    – Get your very own awesome Swim Suit costumes!
    – Action Talisman (7 days)
    – Speed Talisman (7 days)
    – Town Portal (15 days)
    – Protection School (9death/3days)

  2. Summer Lucky Draw
    – Register and play MoSiang to stand a chance to win prizes with a combine total value of up to RM3000!
  3. Summer Milestone Event
    – Work together with your buddies, invite more buddies!
    – Achieve the target total registrations to win even more in-game rewards!
    For more info ~
    http://events-my.playpark.com/moxiang/event/mainDo you have any questions? Feel free to contact our Facebook customer support by sending a private message! We’ll be happy to clear any questions 🙂