White Day Event (12th March,2pm ~ 26th March, 10am)

  1. Hunt monsters with a certain chance to drop Glass Sugar Bottle
  2. Open Glass Sugar Bottle to randomly obtain Candy Cane, Sugar Block, Lollipop or Colored Lollipop
  3. Fuse Colored Lollipop into Ancient Stone or Evo Gem
  4. The items listed below will be removed on the 9th of April
    Glass Sugar Bottle
    Candy Cane
    Sugar Block
    Colored Lollipop

Limited Item Mall Sale(12th March,2pm ~ 26th March, 10am)

  1. Purchase White Valentine’s Candy II in the item mall during this limited time!

  2. Open either W, H, I, T, E – and randomly get 1 of the other letters
  3. Fuse W,H,I,T,E, into Ancient Stone and Evo Gems
  4. Use D to obtain EXP Rice Cake (100%)(1hr)
  5. Use A to obtain Skill Point Rice Cake (100%)(1hr)
  6. Use Y to obtain Skill EXP Rice Cake (300%)(1hr)